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Albert is an amazing resource for exploring the Sepik River. He knows all the various regions (Upper, Middle, and Lower), he communicates well with tribes as well as clients, he’s a great cook, humble spirit, and has years of experience. He truly listens to what experience you are hoping to have on the Sepik River, whether you want to explore rarely visited communities or if you prefer to visit more popular spirit houses along the Middle Sepik. Because of his many years traveling and living on the Sepik Albert has many social connections which is important. Everywhere we traveled Albert knew someone in the tribe or was able to make a connection with someone in the tribe. Beyond his technical abilities his gentle spirit is the final touch to an unforgettable Sepik experience.  -Ben Friberg, Chattanooga, TN


I would highly recommend Authentic Sepik Tours. It was my pleasure to get to know Albert Lumut and his brothers James and Luke. I can assure you that you will be in expert hands and won’t find better guides. Planning and executing the type of adventure I wanted in Papua New Guinea proved to be extremely difficult and time consuming. I did not want a stagged tour with natives performing like actors. I wanted to travel the less beaten paths, live and interact with local people, endure their hardships and see their county from their perspective. I found it almost imposssible to get reliable information or to set up a customized trip that was actually authentic and yet affordable. It seemed there was a huge gap between the American/Internet tour organizers who seemed to be working through unscrupulous middle men and the actual guides who are really honest and reliable individuals. Yet fate was on my side. Once I finally made it to Wewak a chance encounter led me to Albert, James and Luke. I ended up living with them and their family while touring the Sepik River. These men proved to be outstanding guides, expert carvers and village leaders. Their positive attitudes and the force of their personalities made all the difference in the world. We soon developed a bond and they showed me a side of Papua that few westerners ever get a chance to see. I was excited to learn that there is now a way to contact them directly and set up an adventure of a life time. I can assure you that if you tell them what you really want, they will find a way to make it happen. You can’t go wrong with these men. - Darrel, Athens, GA


Greetings Albert! I wanted to add this testimonial to your wonderful new website. Good Luck from your "City Boy" friend! I consider myself a seasoned world traveler & I feel that my time with Albert & some of his relatives on the Sepik was one of the grandest experiences of all of my travels! These folks went out of their way so much to provide an authentic experience that we actually stayed in villages with some of their relatives. They always made sure that our interests & needs were being met & truly wanted to make sure we were fully satisfied. They kept us in the loop when determining the few changes that were required due to weather & river volume. I am so happy that this website is available because I found it very frustrating that it was so difficult to get any current information on what is going on in that part of Papua New Guinea unless you have signed up with a very expensive tour operator. If you are an adventure traveler looking for truly unique experience, this is my recommendation! - Dave Smith, The Flying Foamhead San Ramon, California, USA

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