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Authentic Sepik Tours is operated by Albert Lumut, an indigenous Papua New Guinean from Kanganamun Village on the Sepik River.

Albert loves his home and is enthusiastic to share it with visitors. He has been guiding tours along the Sepik for over 6 years and has a wealth of knowledge of his culture and people.


His priorities are professional service, reliability and personal safety. He truly desires that every visitor goes home with an authentic Sepik village experience. Albert will organize tours specific to your requests, keeping in mind cultural sensitivities and respect for both the visitors and the villagers. He encourages visitors to participate and interact in villages to gain insight into real village life, for example: try fishing, crocodile hunting, sago making, or paddling a dug out canoe.


Hospitality is very important to the team at Authentic Sepik Tours. Albert and his assistant guides will listen to your desires and go above and beyond to make your time on the Sepik River unforgettable.

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